Carolyne Helmy x Ora King Salmon - Raw Masterclass

Carolyne Helmy x Ora King Salmon - Raw Masterclass

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 Saturday 1 June 1:30pm

Get hands on with our interactive Olsson's Salty Sessions! It’s here that master chefs and mixologists will be spilling all their trade secrets in a series of intimate classes across the weekend.

This masterclass collaboration between Carolyne Helmy and Ora King Salmon will have you salivating for samples and arm you with some superb skills for filleting, curing & preparing your next salmon sous vide!

Techniques covered:

  • breaking down a whole fish - the various use of the bones/ head/wings
  • slicing and preparing raw salmon
  • preparing and curing raw salmon using Olsson Salts - have a side already cured- explaining the ratio of curing technique and adding flavouring to the mix
  • demonstrating a sous vide technique or confit technique - the benefits of slow cooking such a delicate fish

Session Information:

  • Masterclasses are limited to only 35 guests per session
  • A Festival Village GA ticket is required, in addition to the Masterclass Session Ticket

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