11 Restaurants Open for Lunch Good Friday

Get set to level up your lunch plans in Noosa with these 11 Restaurants open on Good Friday.

From stylish waterfront dining to lively Mexican joints, each spot guarantees an unforgettable meal to kickstart your long weekend.

Lanai - Indulge in elegant waterfront dining along the picturesque Noosa River, where Lanai's sustainable seafood and locally sourced ingredients take centre stage in their exquisite shareable dishes.

Zibros - Immerse yourself in Sicilian culinary tradition at Zibros, where every dish echoes the soul of our homeland. From iconic appetizers to mouthwatering pasta creations, our menu offers a vibrant taste of Sicily in Noosa. You'll find them located in Noosa Junction.

Seasons - Nestled by the sandy shores of Noosa Main Beach, Seasons Beachfront Restaurant & Bar offers a relaxed coastal ambiance paired with exceptional service and a curated wine selection, creating the perfect setting for a leisurely lunch with ocean views.

Sum Yung Guys - Dive into the vibrant world of Asian fusion cuisine at Sum Yung Guys, where each dish is crafted for sharing, encouraging guests to embark on a flavourful culinary adventure together.

Ricky’s - Set against the scenic backdrop of Noosa River, Ricky's epitomizes coastal chic with its stunning waterfront location, offering guests a sophisticated yet relaxed dining experience complemented by breathtaking river views and impeccable sunset vistas.

Bandita - Transport your taste buds to Mexico at Bandita, a modern cantina overlooking the tranquil Noosa River, where wood-fired delights and locally sourced ingredients combine to create a vibrant and delicious dining experience.

Locale - Immerse yourself in the flavours of Italy at Locale Noosa, where traditional Italian recipes meet fresh local produce in a charming setting just steps away from Noosa Main Beach, promising an authentic taste of the Mediterranean

Lucio’s Marina - Experience the charm of Italian coastal dining at Lucio's Marina, where the tranquil waters of the Noosa River provide a picturesque backdrop for savouring authentic Italian cuisine prepared with passion and expertise.

Frenchies - Nestled just steps away from the picturesque Noosa River, Frenchies is where food lovers gather to savor French and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine crafted with the finest locally sourced ingredients. With a commitment to quality and seasonality, their menu showcases Australia's bountiful seafood and European classics executed to perfection.

Embassy XO - Embark on a culinary journey at Embassy XO, where an award-winning menu and wine list await, promising the ultimate modern Asian dining experience in Noosa. To secure your spot in our elegant dining room below, reservations are highly recommended.

Mariella Mexican - Escape to the vibrant world of Mexico at Mariella, a Mexican cantina nestled in the charming surf-side village of Peregian Beach. Indulge in traditional and modern Mexican street food "antojitos" paired with artisan agave spirits, natural wines, and cervezas, offering an oasis of flavor and culture.