4 Calming Teas to unwind from your Noosa Eat & Drink Festival Weekend with Misha from Heart Therapeutics

3 Calming Teas to unwind from your Noosa Eat & Drink Festival Weekend with Misha from Heart Therapeutics

There’s no doubt that the joy of food and drink can sometimes leave us feeling a little less joyful post event…. But it doesn’t have to be! Read on for Misha's tips, and 3 Calming Teas to unwind from your Festival Weekend. You can find Heart Therapeutics in the Producers Pavilion in the Festival Village!

1. Digestive - Digestion and Gut Health 

This herbal remedy probably doesn’t need much of an explanation in relationship to enjoying days out at a big food and drink festival. We all know the feeling of “Big Weekends” of deliciousness and overindulgence. Based on traditional herbal medicine, Digestive herbal tea blend is one of the best things you can do for yourself before, during and after eating and drinking across multiple days.

This remedy is specific for symptomatic relief from over indulgence; rich foods, lots of sugar and of course alcohol that without a doubt impacts our digestive and nervous systems, causing those unwanted symptoms that get in the way of living our best life.

This delicious tea contains relaxing organic herbs that calm the nervous system, whilst simultaneously having a positive effect on the functionality of the Digestive system.

The result is a calmer system allowing you to erase those negative effects and get back to living your best life.

2. Rancho Relaxo - Sleep, Stress and Anxiety

Although we all know the effects of alcohol on our bodies, sometimes we can have too good of a time and have that one too many. The reaction can cause those nasty blood sugar spikes leading to a myriad of unwanted symptoms like poor quality sleep and a super fragile nervous system. Cue Rancho Relaxo, Heart Therapeutics most loved blend of organic herbs that can take you from a fragile mess to a glowing well slept super star in just one cup. This herbal tea blend is recommended for anyone who suffers from post party or general stress and anxiety, overwhelm and poor sleep. Crowned the top seller in 2023, Rancho Relaxo will have you well slept and ready to go better than ever before.

3. Spring Tonic - Detoxification & Cleansing 

Don’t let the name fool you, this is a organic herbal tea for 365 days of the year. Spring Tonic is one of Misha Moran’s first commercial blends, developed under a different brand name many moons ago. This herbal tea blend earnt its stripes when it was poured across Melbourne in the most popular cafes and restaurants in the peak of Melbourne’s hospitality boom and it has stood the test of time.

A cleansing herbal tea blend that will help to clear away the cob webs, leave you feeling refreshed, reduce inflammation and calm an over active digestive system.

Best drunk as a refreshing palate cleanser after overindulgence has occurred.

Bonus... Noosa Mint Tea

You can’t not mention Noosa Mint Tea when discussing Heart Therapeutics best tea blends. Heart Therapeutics sources all their botanicals from the Noosa hinterland, proudly supporting a local social enterprise. Noosa Mint Tea is the champion of Heart Therapeutics collection and provides that extra sunshine in every cup.

To view the full range, explore their website.